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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Well, this is my new blog, everyone!

About Moi:
I'm just... me. I live in New York with my father and my cat. I suppose I'm quiet, unless I'm around my good friends. Then you will be begging me to shut up. I consider myself intelligent, sometimes even witty (hard as it may be to believe). And weird. Definitely need to stress that one, I've been told quite a bit. I play the clarinet in band, I take private piano lessons, and I play on the tennis team (though not very well, I can assure you). I have an obsession with England. And, for some reason which I have yet to uncover, I think in an English accent, and read in an English accent, which is somewhat odd. I don't get upset that easily, but when I do, just about the only thing that will calm me down is reciting Prufrock. Do not ask why, for I haven't the smallest conception; I'm still trying to figure it out myself.

Moving on...

Things that I really, really like:
Harry Potter, Queer as Folk, Oscar Wilde (heismyhero), Velvet Goldmine, Snickers candy bars, England, big words, loud music, fanfiction, glam rock, reading, playing the piano, playing the clarinet, playing tennis, accents, writing, pineapple, and coffee.

Things that can die for all I care:
George Bush, homophobia, religion, ignorant people, mustard, pickles, people who complain too much, and pplz wit lyke rilly bad gramer n spillin.

Intelligent, friendly, nice, talented (I like to think so, at any rate), clever, and open-minded.

Stubborn, arrogant at time, and annoying at others, I'm sure.


Movies: Velvet Goldmine, Love Actually, and the Harry Potter movies.
Books: The Harry Potter series by JK Rowling, The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, The Real Trial of Oscar Wilde: The First Uncensored Transcript of the Trial of Oscar Wilde vs. John Douglas (Marquess of Queensberry), 1895, and The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.
Subject: Math. Because I like numbers and solving equations. And probably because of the fact that it was forced upon me at a young age; Mum decided I wasn't learning enough in school back in first/second grade and took it upon herself to teach me multiplication and long division. =P
Drinks: Earl Grey tea, that Sicilian Splash thing I always get at Olive Garden, and coffee.
Food: Pineapple.
Candy: Snickers bars and Skittles.
Colours: Midnight blue and purple.

Information That You Can Use to Stalk Me:
AOL Instant Messanger: DracoBlowsHarry or CoffeeIsMyKing
Yahoo! Instant Messanger: SimpleBrilliance
MSN Messanger: DracoBlowsHarry@ hotmail.com or MoonysGurl@ hotmail.com
Country: USA
State: New York


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